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Are self-driving cars the future?

The fantasy of many science fiction books and movies is about to come true in the next couple of years as self-driving cars are being developed by multiple companies. But what exactly are the self driving cars and when will we be able to actually see and ride in such a vehicle?

The “self-driveness” of a car can come in at multiple levels. Already, we have elements like lane assisst features, cruise control, ABS and other already installed in our vehicles to help us drive our cars more effectively and safely. But that’s not really all that exciting anymore, is it?

No, we want to see real full-on sci-fi robot cars. Well, as it turns out, we might just see them in the streets in the next couple of decades. Companies like Tesla and Waymo have confirmed some time ago that they are developing self-driving cars, but they are known to venture into plans that can take many years and in the end be available only to those who want t

o try something new and exciting. But this time it seems a little different. Your average car brands like General Motors and Fiat Chrysler have confirmed that they are also working on new self-driving technologies of their own.

google self-driving car


Sceptics often bring out the legal issue of these machines – if a self-driving car hits someone, who is responsible? The owner? The manufacturer? This is an issue that will definitely need to be worked out before we can see robotic vehicles going up and down the street.


So how long before you can see such a car for yourself? Well, companies like Tesla and other make excursions and presentations of their technologies, and believe it or not, you can actually hit them up with an e-mail! Seeing their latest products can also often be a part of an engineering or science competition, so be sure to check those out!

But if you want to know when you will be able to purchase a car, get in and let it take you comfortably to your destinations while waving your neighbour standing outside or watching a movie while your car cruises, that will take more time. Remember that there are many issues to be worked out, be it with the technology, legal aspects, but also the overall readiness of our society to accept this new, exciting, but also strange and fantastic modern form of transportation.

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